Namaskar Mumbai

So last week I arrived in India and spent my first day in Mumbai.  With just 24 hours in the city, I decided to stay in the Colaba area and take things kinda slowly.  I had no real plan in mind but as soon as I stepped out of the hotel  things just started to happen, in the way that they always do in India.  I soon found myself being taken by a local to eat Thali amongst workers and Indian families, drinking Chai from what was apparently the best chai stand in the area, hanging out in the art district and chatting over a coconut with some people by the sea.  As I finished my coconut I was accosted by a group of college girls who asked me to share their lunch with them, and we spent some hours together.  They told me about their lives whilst practicing their English, and taught me Hindi in exchange for me sketching their pictures.  A long afternoon and the perfect welcome to India, rounded off afterwards by the obligatory visit to Leopalds.

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Annmarie said...

Great to hear your news. I loved Mumbai.. Gateway to India and rightly named. It's a great introduction to the country. You do see the poverty but those happy with themselves. Perversely though I found a one rupee note on the ground. For all those in more need, it was me who found it. Good luck. Keep writing