Matthew P and Matt McHugh. Seaweed Sessions

Friday night I managed to find myself last minute at one of the Seaweed Sessions gigs where Matt McHugh was playing at The Winchester, Bournemouth with support from Matthew P.  I was lucky enough to get a quick interview with the up and coming musician.

Who:  A beached out acoustic artist with pretty blues riffs, vocal scoops and an infectious folk feel to his music.
Rides:  Randy French Surftech epoxy Fish board in the Cornish breaks
Sounds like:  Mason Jennings meets Current Swell

Matthew P put on an interesting and humble gig in Bournemouth supporting Matt McHugh of The Beautiful Girls, as part of the Seaweed Sessions tour.  Originally from Suffolk and now based in Falmouth, Matthew is doing the rounds through the UK, spreading his summery sound and relaxed style.  Performing at The Winchester to a packed out crowd, Matt relates the demands of an intimate and expectant audience to the feeling of losing his virginity;

“You know, bit scary at first but you learn to love it... it becomes a collective experience and the energy really gets going”

He says his favourite gigs have been those where he’s unknown to the crowd,

“It feels good to draw them (the crowd) in and bounce of each other, building the atmosphere throughout the night so the energy grows”

Matt McHugh
The energy at The Winchester definitely seemed to peak with Matthew’s set.  The evening began with a warm up act by Weverson Pessoti, playing original material and popular covers whilst surf footage was projected behind the stage, and then followed by Matthew P and Matt McHugh.  The extremely talented Matt McHugh did not disappoint, playing a range of tracks with varying genres and all the while charming the audience with his signature vocals.  However his music tended to speak for itself, a contrast to the entertaining anecdotes and rounded performance of support act Matthew P.  Matthew had a stage presence that was surprisingly not matched by the main act of the night, and managed to focus an otherwise noisy audience.

“I don’t have an ideal audience, tonight was a bit noisy but it doesn’t bother me, as long as people are enjoying it.  I don’t mind what the crowd does, if they’re listening then that’s good.  The value of music is going down, so if people are buying my EPs I’m happy.”

Look out for Matthew’s new EP set to come out, a collaboration with Aaron Fletcher from The Bees which is a grouping I would definitely be interested to hear.  Meanwhile Matthew assures that he has a lot of unreleased material, so we can be sure to hear more from this guy.  Summer might be ending but the sound and the surf carries on.

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